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Primary Reasons To Prune Your Trees:

  • Reduce risk of failure from dead or weak branches.
  • Provide clearance.
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance.
  • Manage tree health and improve the tree structure.
  • Improve flower or fruit production.
  • Improve aesthetics.
  • Save a storm-damaged tree.

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Why Tree Pruning?

Leo’s Tree Care is filled with quality arborists who have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of proper pruning and trimming procedures. It is very common for even the most tenured companies to still have little understanding of the delicate process that is tree pruning and trimming. What sounds good and may even look good can cause tremendous stress on a trees internal biology. All cuts made in a tree should have a reason for its placement. Having a certified arborist who is able to relay to his prescription to the crew is paramount for anything of merit to be accomplished.

So if tree removal is not what your looking for the question becomes what do you need trimming or pruning? An age old debate on what the difference in the terms goes on but what we typically ask first is why? Pruning and trimming can be done for an abundance of reasons. You can be looking to enhance the structural integrity of the tree with thinning and reduction. Maybe there is a collection of deadwood that is growing larger in the canopy. Branches can also grow low or against houses and need to be cut back. A large majority of tree work can also be based on the aesthetics a tree has. The list continues and as one of the top tree care companies in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, we can help! 


Pruning of a tree is when cutting specifications are made to boost and or to enhance the overall structural integrity. Removing dead, dying, diseased, and disfigured branches not only promote safety but can remove inactive tissue that fungus and disease thrive on. Once it is removed, trees can have an easier time walling off these areas as part of its defense system. If tree limbs become too thick, overextended or even too tall the fear is the wind will not easily be able to flow through the canopy creating pressure at the base. Thinning/ reduction of the tree can be used by making specific cuts throughout the crown allowing light and wind to move more freely. It is important to balance where these cuts are made so the tree has enough foliage to continue producing food.



Trimming of a tree is typically the option when branches and stems have grown too close to a structure of undesirable area. Driveways, siding, roofs, utility wires, streets, sidewalks, etc can have branches get too close and need to be trimmed. Trimming is the cutting back of tree parts to a predetermined area that is determined based on the target it is growing towards. Trimming branches ensures they do not cause damage to your property or become a nuisance to get passed. Leo’s Tree Care carefully selects whether to remove a whole branch or remove a partial section of branch based on yours and the trees needs.


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Hedge Trimming

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Top Tree Cutting

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Tree Bracing

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Customer Testimonials

“I called Leo’s due to a very large tree that fell during the storm. They set up an appointment for the next day. They made me feel very comfortable about the care they would take while removing the tree. I was able to schedule the removal for the next day – I was shocked and so thankful. The team showed up promptly this morning and there was a huge team who were all very nice. The tree was removed very quickly and they left the area super clean! I was very impressed and very happy with my choice to use Leo’s Tree Care. Highly recommend!”

Brian F. - Philadelphia, PA


“I have a huge mulberry in my tiny city yard and one of the big branches snapped, hanging dangerously low over myself and my neighbor’s roof. Leo’s and Jack were the first company to get back to me in this semi-emergency situation of the 10+ companies I called and came out the next day. They even found a way to get the tree branches and debris out of my yard without direct alley access and having to go through my house like most contractors. They left my yard looking great as well. I will now be calling Leo’s for all of my tree needs!”

Julia D. - Philadelphia, PA


“I had a great experience with Leo’s Tree Care. They removed 3 tree and stumps in my backyard. The Salesperson was very honest, knowledgeable, friendly, and reasonable – great communication throughout the process. Leo and his team got the work done efficiently and did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone in the Bucks/Mont area looking for tree work.”

Jim C. - Philadelphia, PA


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