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Leo’s Tree Care is built by professionals with over 20 years of experience in tree removal. We boast  our manual crews as the best in the area. We have access to all forms of aerial equipment but traditional rigging and climbing is what sets us apart from the competition. 


Our hand picked crews have gone through extensive training to become qualified to serve our customers at the highest levels. Continuing in-house education on all new forms of tree removal keep our crews efficient equating to production up and prices down.


Whether your tree is growing over your house, service wires, yard, garden, sitting area or is in the middle of nowhere. Our team will show up and safely dismantle it to the highest standard.

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Removing Trees in Bucks County

The need for tree removal can be based on a variety of factors but typically fall into two categories. WANT or NEED. The importance of trees to our environment goes without saying but their large woody structures can become unsafe or inconvenient. Carefully, assessing the risk/reward ratio can have an impactful affect on your property and environment. The choosing of a well qualified and certified arborist is very important. Not every tree needs to be removed just because it is large and in close proximity to your home. Using a ground view, trunk view, crown view and wide angle view is the minimum necessary examination necessary to make the final call. The experts at Leo’s Tree Care take pride in judging the structural integrity and value of your tree before haphazardly recommending its removal. 


Tree removal based on WANT or convenience can be an excellent way to reclaim space on your property. Once the larger above ground portion is taken down and a decision is made with the stump, you can reap the benefits of this fresh space. Enjoy more sunlight on pools and solar panels, have a better view of different sites around your property and neighborhood, experience a more open feel of your yard or even make it an early investment to mitigate costs before its grows larger. We have ample experience with giving insight on what the property will look and feel like once it is gone. Feel free to ask any questions about what the final product will do for you.


Tree removal based on NEED can be a more difficult situation to experience. If a tree’s structural integrity is compromised from decay, co-dominant stems with included bark, girdling roots, lack of space for roots, or even prolonged overall death when no more leaves are produced it can become a matter of time before it is unable to support itself and becomes a large liability. It is very important to have a trained professional assess any situation you feel comes close to one of these examples. Acting quickly will not only be prudent to protect your property but it will ensure more safety precautions can be taken by the personnel who are removing the tree. If a tree is in an advanced stage of death and or decay the means to remove it can become significantly more expensive. Please contact us immediately in these cases so we can all promote safe tree work in our community.

Stump Removal & Grinding

By thoroughly grinding the stump and surface roots, a new area on your property can be established free from any tripping hazards.

Tree Pruning

 Removing dead, dying, diseased, and disfigured branches not only promote safety but can remove inactive tissue that fungus and disease thrive on.

Street Trees

Leo’s Tree care is a certified contractor for the city of Philadelphia giving us the ability to get permits for their trimming or removal.

Tree Bracing

Cable bracing is designed to support multiple stemmed trees and weak branches that may be at risk of falling.

Tree Planting

The most commonly used plant for privacy is the Arborvitae with the “Green Giant” yielding the quickest results.

Brush & Shrub Care

Creating an outdoor space that’s both visually appealing and well-organized relies on keeping your bushes in great shape.

Customer Testimonials

“I called Leo’s due to a very large tree that fell during the storm. They set up an appointment for the next day. They made me feel very comfortable about the care they would take while removing the tree. I was able to schedule the removal for the next day – I was shocked and so thankful. The team showed up promptly this morning and there was a huge team who were all very nice. The tree was removed very quickly and they left the area super clean! I was very impressed and very happy with my choice to use Leo’s Tree Care. Highly recommend!”

Brian F. - Philadelphia, PA


“I have a huge mulberry in my tiny city yard and one of the big branches snapped, hanging dangerously low over myself and my neighbor’s roof. Leo’s and Jack were the first company to get back to me in this semi-emergency situation of the 10+ companies I called and came out the next day. They even found a way to get the tree branches and debris out of my yard without direct alley access and having to go through my house like most contractors. They left my yard looking great as well. I will now be calling Leo’s for all of my tree needs!”

Julia D. - Philadelphia, PA


“I had a great experience with Leo’s Tree Care. They removed 3 tree and stumps in my backyard. The Salesperson was very honest, knowledgeable, friendly, and reasonable – great communication throughout the process. Leo and his team got the work done efficiently and did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone in the Bucks/Mont area looking for tree work.”

Jim C. - Philadelphia, PA


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24 Hour Emergency Tree Services in Bucks County

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